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 CAS was incorporated in 1977 by its owner/ president Steven R. Boucke.  Mr. Boucke's background includes a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of California at Davis in 1967.  Following his attainment of this degree, he spent five years in active duty as Lieutenant USN. 
     In 1973, Mr. Boucke and a small group of colleagues worked to form a beginning commodity pool to be managed by an outside advisor.  Mr. Boucke, with a programming background from the Navy and commercial environments, created a computer system to report gains and losses to the investors within the pool.  By 1977, the demand for this service had grown and Mr. Boucke incorporated Commodity Accounting Systems for this service. 
     Since that time, the system has grown, largely due to client requests.  The spirit for growth was, and still is, to incorporate a client's new requests at no charge, provided the new applications can be used by other clients. 
     By 1985, CAS had grown to $1 billion in client monies and 35 clients.  The computer environment continued to expand into a multi-currency, stock and bond instrument system. 
     Today, CAS has multi-billions in client monies.  Early in the summer of 1998, CAS completed a test run for the year 2000 millennium change, thus ensuring it's system is ready for the upcoming date change.  This result has been further confirmed by employee tests throughout 1999.
     CAS has a staff of four employees in two locations.  The computer system has a disaster recovery plan including daily off site data storage and a contract with a remote computer site.

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