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Direct client access to CFATS allows for total control over the accounting.  As the client, you enter in all data necessary to complete the reports you wish, in whatever time frame is convenient for you.  This method is highly cost-effective for clients who want detailed daily reports.  There is no labor charge, since you do all of the entries. 

1. If the client accesses the system for all services, they are subject to the following fees:
a. Connect time by one of two methods:
1. via direct dial-up to Pleasanton, CA at $15.00 per hour plus your long-distance charges
2. via UUNET, a local connection for you, at $26.00 per hour
b. Data storage at $100.00 per two million characters

C.A.S. data entry is often the best choice for many clients.  By having C.A.S. update your accounts, you never need knowledge of the CFATS system.  You also do not have to spend time out of your day entering in your activity.  This method is good for smaller accounts, for any client who only wants monthly valuations, and for those who do not want to directly participate in the accounting of the fund.

2. If C.A.S. updates accounts and produces reports, the client is subject to the following fees:
a. Minimum monthly charge of $250.00 per account.  This includes two hours of C.A.S. labor
b. Additional labor time is billed at $75.00 per hour
c. Reports may be sent to the client via e-mail for no additional charge.  Reports printed at and shipped from C.A.S. are subject to shipping charges 

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